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About Ty Madoc Cider

About the Farm

Hi! Welcome to Ty Madoc Cider - I'm Tasha, and I got put in charge of our website. That's why there are loads of dog pictures. Anyway, let me tell you about my home!

Ty Madoc Cider is based in the Brecon Beacons in Mid-Wales. We are made up of over 650 trees (apparently - I stopped counting when I got to 43) and are a mixture of apples, perry pears, medlars and quince. We're a family business which means that we don't have to worry as much about HR, but also that a trip to town is considered a day off. The team currently look after two heritage orchards, an ex-Bulmers orchard and our own mountainous orchards. Our trees are a wonderful mixture of native varieties (we know them intimately - a bit of tree hugging goes a long way up here) and newer, more disease resistant varieties. From these we produce our ciders, perries and juices. My brother Rob is the mad scientist behind the blends - he's the one with his head in a vat of something that smells suspicious. 

Meanwhile, Gen and Chris are to be found in the polytunnels. They're either grafting something (sticking one tree to another is hard graft) (please don't sack me, guys) or doing fantastical things with herbs and soft fruit.

All of our fruit is carefully picked by hand. You can trust that every sip is loaded with laughter, rain, and the best of Welsh fun.


From our farm to your table, with a little taste of adventure thrown in!

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